Conspiracy (COMPLOT in the french version) is a drama short film, created by Clement Macchi. It will air in December 2019. The short film has been described as as being influenced by his life and the horror TV series American Horror Story. It is directed with Thomas Leze and co-director Louis Legout.

Cast members confirmed so far include Jade Bonnet, Eva Tobiana, Maxime Resch, Lana Calteau and Thomas Sablayrolles. As of today, 50% of the cast is confirmed.

Cast and characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Jade Bonnet as Brooke 'Brooklyn'
  • Eva Tobiana
  • Maxime Resch
  • Lana Calteau
  • Thomas Sablayrolles

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Production Edit

Development Edit

On September 21, 2019, creator Clement Macchi announced on Instagram that a short film is coming by the end of 2019, influenced by his life. The short film will be shooted during October 2019. The short film is based on the events of this month, with a horrific situation added to make it scarier.

On September 22, 2019, the official plot has been revealed and is inspired by the eight season of the horror TV series American Horror Story : Apocalypse. Jade Bonnet's character is Brooke. Thomas Sablayrolles has been cast as an Aerobic Dancer.

Filming Edit

Filming for the short film is about to start by the end of October 2019 in Cannes.

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Critical response Edit

- Unknown yet.

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